We provide qualified consultancy services and mainly focus on following questions:

Utilization of funds:

- Are the funds spent in a proper way?
- Which funds are required to preserve the value of the asset?
- Are there savings potentials?
- Why is there a deviation between actual spending and budget calculation?

Operational and technical aspects:

- Is the asset preserved in the best possible way?
- Are there any legal or operational/ technical risks, which may lead to reduced income/ hire or danger to the crew and/ or the environment?
- Is the vessel operated in compliance with rules and regulations (“risk of detention by authorities”)?

Due to the previous experience of our staff in different shipping companies and issuing houses, we know that financial and technical aspects always have to be considered together.

Our consultancy services cover following areas:

Vessel Condition Surveys

The physical Vessel Condition Survey covers all areas of the vessel and an inspection of the most important vessel documents and certificates as well as repair documents and class information. The rating of the vessel is based on the actual condition taking into consideration the vessel’s age, ship type, trading area, building yard and cargo carried. Information about maintenance condition and possible maintenance backlog is included in the report. Furthermore, the report includes information about forthcoming repair requirements and an operational and technical risk analysis. Our inspection does not only address the technical aspects of the vessel, but also the operational readiness and possible impacts on vessel earnings.
The Vessel Condition Survey may be combined with an Operational Costs Analysis to get “the full picture”.
The result is an independent condition survey report, a list of required repairs including costs estimation and a technical and operational risk analysis.

Sale and Purchase Surveys and Support

A physical Vessel Condition Survey for Sale and Purchase puts special emphasis on technical deficiencies and the required funds for their rectification as well as on those for the next dry-docking.
The results is an independent condition survey report, a list of required repairs including costs estimation and a technical and operational risk analysis.
Support by our trained masters and engineers may be arranged onsite during in-water surveys or during the handover of the vessel. In addition, desktop support can be provided for professional technical advice during the closing of the sale-on a case-by-case basis. These services are not part of any Sales and Purchase inspection and may be contracted separately.

Supervision and Financial Controlling of major Repairs, Conversions and Drydockings

The complete dry-dock cycle including preparation of specification, budget preparation and shipyard selection as well as invoice handling after completion of docking is supervised. When the vessel is in the dry dock, our surveyor attends the vessel onsite for some days to inspect the work carried out and to compare the actual works in progress with the work-done list and the invoice of the shipyard. After review of all invoices and all reports, a dry-dock report including all technical and financial information is prepared.
The result is a well-controlled dry-dock stay to ensure that the management goals of the docking will be implemented while the costs are kept under control and cost overruns are avoided by well executed planning.

Case-by-Case Consultancy

We support our customers with our dedicated team in all areas of ship management by performing following services:

  • Preparing repair specifications and arranging repair supervision.
  • Preparing alternative vessel employment scenarios.
  • Performing layup calculations and arranging the layup of the vessel upon request.
  • Providing support for claims handling (Cargo Claims, H&M, P&I Claims) in regard to repair arrangements as well as for administrative claims handling.
  • Providing consultancy services for new technologies and regulations (Ballast Water Treatment, 2020 Sulphur Cap, Hong Kong Convention).
  • Development of OPEX Benchmarks and KPIs together with the customer.

Vessel Valuation Report

We do not prepare vessel valuation reports by ourselves, but have established a close cooperation with specialized valuation companies. We can extend any of our condition survey reports by a vessel valuation report upon request.

OPEX Screening

The actual and/ or budgeted operational costs of one or several years are analysed in detail. A ship-specific benchmark is prepared for comparison by our team of engineers and controllers to avoid any misleading conclusions resulting from inaccurate benchmark information. In addition to the review of past and present costs and cost development, insurance claims as well as technical and off-hire information are included in the evaluation.
The result is an assessment of the general costs level, the identification of savings potentials and financial risks and recommended actions.

Environmental, Social and Governance ESG Screening

All of our survey jobs can be combined with our ESG screening. The result is the rating of the vessel, a fleet or of the management company according to our specifically developed ESG rating.

Areas such as compliance of a specific vessel or of a fleet with actual and future environmental regulations and the analysis of vessel emissions (SOx, NOx, GHG) are covered and compared with other vessels of the same type and age.

The crew contracts and the crew complement as well as the management systems are analyzed in regard to environmental, health, safety and security policies and implemented measures as well as to fair working conditions.

The corporate policy is reviewed to cover also the topics of anti-corruption policy and trading area and cargo exclusions (sanctioned cargos / sanctioned countries).

Manage the Manager

We provide continuous supervision of the technical and financial aspects of the ship operation and prepare regular reporting to the Owner in regard to budget compliance and cost overrun as well as technical and operational performance.

The target is to ensure that the value of the asset is preserved, that down-time is minimized and that the costs are kept under control. Unexpected costs and downtime are minimized.

Legal, technical, financial and operational risks are analyzed, based on PSC, vetting and flag state audit results as well as during physical vessel inspections.

On a general level, we also review the supply contracts of the manager and the policy of purchase of goods and services to identify savings potentials.

Liquidity Control and Planning

Cash-flow charts for short, medium and long-term liquidity planning are prepared to achieve a reliable cost planning without “surprises”. A deviation analysis of planned versus actual expenses is prepared. Monitoring of cash pools and pooled charter rates are also arranged upon request.
The result is reliable cost-planning and the assessment of requirements for additional funds.

Continuous Financial and Technical Supervision and Controlling

Technical, operational and financial performance of a vessel for a time-frame of up to five years is monitored to evaluate and control the complete class cycle of five years and to assess the total costs including docking costs. Periodical reports on financial and technical performance are drawn up.
The result is the timely identification of cost overruns, the identification of cost savings potential and possible financial and operational risks as well as continuous benchmarking of the vessel. Further, maintenance planning is supervised and unexpected peaks of expenses are avoided.

Evaluation of Contracts

We perform analysis and evaluation of usual contracts in regard to Ship Management (for example Management-Contracts, Crew and Charter Party Contracts).
The result is an assessment of the terms and conditions of the contracts and the evaluation of the contract in comparison to standard terms and conditions of the industry.


We prepare customized seminars for our customers, mainly banks and administrators on different topics of ship management. Examples for seminar topics are:

  • New regulations (IMO/ local regulations).
  • Fundamentals in ship condition reporting.
  • Fundamentals in analysis of operational costs.

Kontor 17 Consulting

We know how ship management works. We understand the questions and concerns of all shareholders and stakeholders involved. We make ship management transparent.