Our Services

We provide professional consultancy services in all fields of technical, operational and commercial ship management.

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About us

K17 Consulting GmbH is an independent consulting company with profound knowledge of shipping industry.

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K17 Consulting GmbH is an independent maritime consultancy company.

We provide consultancy services in all fields of ship operation, ship condition assessment, budget control and control of expenses, supervision of repairs, damage surveys, drydock supervision, liquidity planning and financial controlling.

Our main focus is on providing our customers with reliable, independent and transparent information, survey results and solutions.

Our Services

Our consultancy services cover the following areas:

Vessel Condition Surveys

Sale and Purchase Surveys and Support

Supervision and Financial Controlling of major Repairs, Conversions and Drydockings

Case-by-Case Consultancy

Vessel Valuation Report

Environmental, Social and Governance ESG Screening

OPEX Screening

Liquidity Control and Planning

Continuous Financial and Technical Supervision and Controlling

Evaluation of Contracts


Manage the Manager

Commitment and Objectives

Our Objective:

Our objective is to provide fast, reliable, professional and transparent tailor-made services for our customers which lead to added value.

The purpose of our services is to establish and to ensure transparency in all areas of technical, operational and commercial ship management by identifying technical or financial deviations from the target value and to prepare action plans for their rectification.

Our Commitment:

K17 Consulting GmbH is committed to provide responsible and transparent services by well-experienced and well trained personnel for a reasonable price.

We aim achieving a long-term cooperation with our customers rather than a short-term profit maximization.

Project and References

We have successfully completed the following projects.

Vessel Condition Surveys

Drydocking Surveys

Sale and Purchase Surveys

OPEX Screenings

Company Screenings

Financial Audits

Supervision of Sale of Vessels onsite

Insurance Claims Handling

Repair Surveys

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We know how ship management works. We understand the questions and concerns of all shareholders and stakeholders involved. We make ship management transparent.